; the formula.

the wedding video.

As a good coffee, or a good recipe...all their ingredients have their right measure. To make wedding videos has much of creativity, without a doubt; But the inspiration also has its measure. /// The formula is a balance between aesthetic video must tell your story, it must not be boring...and must touch beauty, but attending the message. /// Form and substance in equal parts.

; cristina y antonio.

“...we have clear many things about the wedding, things as: the month, the place, the dress'designer and of course who would be our videographer.”

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; destination weddings.

To make different wedding videos with story...familiar, spontaneous and natural; without fireworks. To give the importance to the video as an unforgettable memory, respecting the sound, using music that provokes emotions and fun. /// It doesn't matter if the wedding is outside, on the beach or in the countryside...the important thing is transform into real and intimate story. /// I have had the luck to film weddings in Málaga, Seville, Jerez, Granada and for the whole Cádiz province. But my work has also let me know other parts of the world.

; wedding delivery.

Each wedding is unique and personal. /// I provide you with tow dvd copies and a flashdrive. /// All of this in a handmade fabric packaging.

; make a reservation.

do you know when?

If you have any questions such as the length of the video, need to move, available, pre-wedding, post-wedding, duration of the day, use technical media or use music. Write me an email and I'll resolve them.

; alba y koco.

"...the edition is like a puzzle, everything fits perfectly. He took care of every detail as if our story were his own."

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